LOTOS 150th Anniversary

The German jewelry eyewear brand @lotoseyewear established in 1872, and has evolved through five generations of honest hard work over 150 years. The brand’s exquisite craftsmanship has earned it a leading position unchangeable by time. In the world of luxury, there is one quality that can never be surpassed, and that is time. Started from high-end jewelry, LOTOS uses the finest materials and integrates excellence in jewelry making into product design, making the precious eyewear not only modern but also exude classic elegance. More than a hundred years, it continues to adhere the extraordinary craftsmanship and insist on creating luxury eyewear.

Celebrating its 150TH Anniversary this year, we invite you to embark on this luxurious journey with us, witness the dedication to the art of fine jewellery and eyewear, experience the timeless charm of LOTOS in the 150 years.


LOTOS 150th Anniversary

Today, as in the past, LOTOS stands for the highest quality and precision, and every single pair of gold glasses is part of this exciting 150-year journey through time.The company is committed to the tradition of perfection and follows the example of the founding fathers. Therefore, LOTOS spectacle frames are innovatively manufactured with an unwavering passion for the finest materials. 

We have gratefully accepted this great legacy, and in this spirit, we will continue to pass it on to the next generation.  We continue to find the strength, fulfilment, and happiness to be part of this long and glorious LOTOS history through this certainty. 


Production relating to crafts!

The LOTOS Gold Collection has risen to cult eyewear for those who appreciate elegant eyeglass frames made from high grade materials. This outstanding reputation has established itself beyond the borders of Europe. Today, LOTOS Goldbrillen GmbH has become a leading company with handcrafts unique masterpieces, one by one in our workshops. Our unique, individually made products are subject to stringent quality controls before they leave our facilities located in a small village in Germany with a lifetime warranty. All spectacle frames are made in the selected material of solid gold 18kt and platinum 950/ooo.


Platinum - precious and everlasting!

30 times less common than gold, platinum is the purest and most exclusive element of all precious metal that is used in the production of jewelry. No other jewel metal is more valuable, long-lasting and attractive than platinum. The satiny white brilliance is, in its elegance, second to none. LOTOS uses only platinum in its highest purity with a fineness of 950 thousandthsThanks to its rigidity and stability, the precious metal is excellent for the setting of diamonds.  Its processing requires the highest degree of skill, know-how, craftsmanship and takes three times as long as gold; A challenge that we gladly and repeatedly accept with success.

LOTOS frames made of solid platinum - the timeless symbol for elegance,  uniqueness and perfection.