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The LOTOS gold collection has risen to cult eyewear for those who appreciate elegant eyeglass frames made from high grade materials. This outstanding reputation has established itself beyond the borders of Europe.

Today, LOTOS Gold frames has become the leading company whith handcrafts unique masterpieces, one by one in our workshops. Our unique, individually made products are subject to stringent quality controls before they leave our facilities located in a small village in Germany and have a lifetime warranty. All spectacle frames are made in the selected material of solid gold 18kt and platinum 950/ooo.

LOTOS Gold eyewear / Authenticity feature

Since we were recognised by the World Luxury Association in the area of World's Top 100 Most Valuable Luxury Brands Official Release, we have also been suffering increasingly from the phenomenon of the "free-riders" and product piracy. Gold eyewear, which comes supposedly from our LOTOS workshop, are offered on the market as the registered brand of LOTOS-Production.

This mark can be found on the end of the right temple arm next to the hallmark. Our responsibility mark is consigned and registered with the German, Swiss and international precious metal control. In addition, our brand is internationally recorded and protected at the patent- and trade mark office. 

Only the LOTOS seal, as the registered responsibility mark, certifies the authenticity.

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